Roulette Strategy To Give You A Helping Hand

Even though roulette is a game that can be played for fun, there is a natural desire to win the game. This is something that all players experience and even if there is no money at stake in the game, players would always rather win than lose. This means that many players are on the lookout for a roulette strategy and the great thing is, there are lots of roulette strategies to choose from. In fact, you may find that your free time for playing roulette dips dramatically due to all of the time that you spend reading about the different roulette strategies.

The important thing to always remember, above all else, is that no roulette strategy is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. This is impossible and if you are looking for a way to always win and beat the casino for a massive sum of money, you are wasting your time. If all you are looking for is a 100% guaranteed strategy, you may well as stop reading here and click on another page. However, if you are looking for a helping hand to give you an increased chance of winning, you will hopefully have something to benefit from by reading on.

Martingale & Mini Martingale strategy

If you are a casual roulette player, perhaps playing games on holiday or having an occasional evening at the roulette wheel, this strategy could serve you well. This strategy sees a player win most of their sessions but the winnings are small. However, on the rare times that players lose, the losses will be large. This therefore presents a trade-off that players have to think about before agreeing to use this strategy.

The Martingale is a very old betting system that begins with a player making a standard sized bet on an even money bet, which at the roulette table could be placing money on red. If you win, you make the same bet in the next round. However, if you lose, you double the bet for the next round. The next time you win, you have a net win of the standard size of bet. Of course, if you lose so many games in a row and cannot afford to place the next bet, you have a massive loss!

d’Alembert & Contra d’Alembert strategy

The d’Alembert & Contra d’Alembert strategy is based around mathematics, which is something that many people believe is their key to winning regularly in a casino. The Law of Equilibrium indicates that over a lengthy period of time, a person should have a higher probability of winning after they suffer a loss. Of course, when it comes playing at the roulette wheel, the short-term nature of the game means that it is impossible to play over the long period of time.

The strategy is quite simple and every time a player loses, they should increase their bet by one unit. After they win, they should reduce their bet by one unit. For example, if you are betting $10 and lose, your next bet is $20. After this bet, if you lose again, the next bet is $30. However, if you win after the $30 bet, you should place $20. This strategy differs from many other strategies in that there is no way to immediately return back to the starting point in one move.

Oscar’s Grind strategy

With the word grind in the strategy, this is never going to be a strategy that is exciting or played with a flourish. The origins of the strategy are unclear but it has been attributed to a gambler called Oscar with its first use taking place in 1965.

The concept of the grind system is straightforward; there is a desire to make 1 unit of profit every cycle. Once a profit of 1 unit has been achieved, the cycle stops, so as you can see, it is far from being a get rich quick scheme. When betting 1 unit, if you win, the cycle ends and you begin again. If you lose, you keep your bet the same but when you are winning, you should increase the bet by 1 unit until that profit of 1 unit is made and then the cycle begins again.

Fibonacci strategy

Like most strategies, the Fibonacci strategy begins with a player placing one unit on their bet and then if they win, they continue to bet one unit. However, if the player loses, this is where the progression kicks in but the Fibonacci strategy is a bit different from most of the other strategies. A player will repeat the initial unit bet on their second loss but after that, they should base their bet on the sum of the last two bets they have placed. This means that a player who starts off with a bet of 1 and goes on a losing run, their bets would be 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 etc. This is a strategy that is better suited to smaller stakes and players should realise that the stakes can get very high if you lose a number of games in a row.

Numbers strategy

There are many different numbers strategies that can be used when playing at the roulette table but two of the most popular relate to hot and cold numbers. Some players are of the opinion that when some numbers go on a run of being the number the ball lands on, this run will continue. These players follow the hot numbers strategy. However, some players think that cold numbers which haven’t come up in a while are due to come up and therefore the players will pick these numbers. A clear mind would realise that each new spin is dependent of all other spins so a number has the same likelihood of coming up as any other number but when it comes to strategies, it is apparent that some roulette players will put their faith in anything.