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If first impressions count for a lot, it is unlikely you will be rushing to spend a lot of your money on the 5Dimes site. To say that the site has a rather simple and perhaps even nostalgic feel would be making an understatement of the highest order. In one sense, this works in the sites favour, everything you want to know and see is well laid-out and can be accessed in no time at all. Some online casino sites are far too cluttered or trying to be self-important but this is not something that is going to be a problem if you are using the 5Dimes site.

History dating back to 1996

A good reason for the traditional style and look of the site may have a lot to do with the company itself. A lot of online casinos are very modern, jumping on the bandwagon and trying to cash in on the ever growing casino popularity. The thing that 5Dimes is able to provide to players is a history that dates back to 1996. With respect to many of its internet years, this is a tremendous age and it is probably fair to say that the look and feel of the site harks back to a simpler time on online gaming.

50% new player bonus on offer

Getting something for nothing is always good and when you sign up at the 5Dimes Casino site, you can get a 50% free money bonus. Anyone depositing between $100 and $400 into their account will automatically get a 50% bonus. Anyone depositing over $400 will get an additional 20% bonus on top of their 50% bonus, which has to be a great incentive for any high rollers out there. However, at the moment, players outside of the United States are currently limited to a $100 initial deposit but this does provide a 50% bonus.

1,000 wagering options everyday

This is probably what the site is thinking and they do make a big claim about having 1,000 wagering options available each and every day on the site. This is definitely something that will appeal to a great number of online casino players and sports fans, so perhaps this is the reason that the site has been operating for so long. Betting options are always on the rise as more in-play markets and different sports are introduced to the betting mix and players will always come back to a site that provides them with good value from a bet. If a site provides consistently good value bets, many players will be happy to overlook a welcome bonus to ensure that they get plenty in return in the long-run.


The sportsbook option provided by 5Dimes is certainly extensive. There are a great number of American sports to bet on, which isn’t always the case and this means the options provided by the site are welcomed. However, if you don’t have much interest in American sports, don’t worry because there are plenty of more options from around the world to grab your interest. It stands to reason that football and rugby bets will be featured highly on site but there are many smaller sports to choose from. As the site boasts, if you are looking to place a bet on European water polo, you couldn’t find a better site. There are telephone and internet betting options for the sportsbook selections for the wide selection of sporting wagers available on site.


There is a good level of variety in the 5Dimes Casino section and there are even live casino options to choose from. At the moment, these live casino games are only available for blackjack and baccarat but that is a good starting point. There are also match play casino games and the bonus casino game, which is sure to be the thing that catches the eye of most players. This is a section where 5Dimes promise to pay more than the standard casino pay-outs and they provide all the pay-offs for you to check this. If you want to grab more money for being a winner, this is likely to be the place you should be looking at.


Some sports betting sites include horse racing in their selection but 5Dimes Casino takes the Sport of King so seriously, they give it its own section. There are horse races taking place all over the world so having the chance to bet on all manner of races is going to be of great importance to sports fans.


With 80% higher pay-outs on offer for most lottery games, it is easy to see why players would turn to 5Dimes as opposed to playing the game in a particular state. The site claims to offer the chance to play virtually any of the state lottery games you can find so if you are looking to win a lot of cash, this may be the better option for you.


Tournaments, bad beat games, sit n gos and all manner of different poker games means that the poker section on the 5Dimes site has more to offer than a number of online poker sites. If you are looking for one place to house all of your online gaming and gambling needs, it is easy to see why this site would be a great choice. Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular choice for online poker players on the site but there are plenty of Stud and Draw games to choose.

Skill Games

If you like card games but would prefer a change in pace from the standard poker games on offer, the skill games at 5Dimes Casino may be worth looking at. Gin Rummy, Yahtzee and Tonk are not games you see on too many online casino sites to the fact that they are available on 5Dimes provides one more reason for players to make the most of their time online.

Charity Work

The games and bets available on a gaming site should always be the key factor but if you are looking for a reason to differentiate 5Dimes from other sites, the charity foundation set up the by the site may help. The site provides support to a number of charitable initiatives and worthwhile efforts in the community.

Bonus Casino Roulette option

There is no doubt that each player will have a favourite game but it is hard to argue with the popularity of roulette for online casino players. The bonus casino option is of particular interest because it promises to provide a higher level of pay-out to a player. This is definitely the sort of promise that will have players looking to sign up with a site.

American Roulette

American roulette may be the game that provides a bigger advantage to the house but by playing the bonus casino American roulette game, you can make your money last a bit further.

For instance, if you placed a straight bet in a standard casino, you would expect to get a pay-out of 35 times your wager but in the bonus casino, the pay-out would be 36.62 times your initial wager. This goes on through the list with a 2 number combination providing a 17.81 pay-out as opposed to a 17 times pay-out. This continues for any number combination although the way down to an 18 number combination (say red or black) which would traditionally pay-out a 1 times your wager but in the bonus casino will merit a pay-out of 1.09x. It is not as if this additional level of winnings will help people to become millionaires overnight but it can be a nice little bonus. Sometimes getting a small victory is reason enough to keep on playing.

European Roulette

A similar pattern arises for the European roulette but as you would expect, with odds that are slimmer. This is attributable to the loss of the 00 spot, which means that the odds are more in favour of the player. A 1 number combination bet that would traditionally pay out at 35 times the initial wager will be rewarded with a 35.65 pay-out.

This goes on through the list with a 2 number combination providing a 17.32 pay-out as opposed to a 17 times pay-out. This continues for any number combination although the way down to an 18 number combination (say red or black) which would traditionally pay-out a 1 times your wager but in the bonus casino will merit a pay-out of 1.04 times the initial wager.

It is disappointing that 5Dimes does not yet provide a live casino option for roulette but it is hoped that this will be added to the site shortly.

If you are only interested in a casino or gaming site that looks good, you will not be drawn to the 5Dimes site. However, if you are looking for a site that provide every poker, casino and sports betting option you could wish for and provides good returns for a lot of bets, it would be sensible to add this site to your list of options.