Roulette Bets On The Table

You don’t have to look too far to find reasons why roulette is one of the most popular casino games but the variety of bets involved at the roulette table has to be a factor. There is something for everyone at the roulette table and even if you don’t feel too confident about placing a bet, you will not be out of your depth. Equally, if your interest lies in the big money bets or looking to win a sizable amount of money, you should be able to find something of merit too. No matter what sort of casino player you are or what sort of return you are looking for, there is every chance that the roulette table has it all.

It is clear that the roulette wheel grabs the attention of people but it is the roulette table that holds all of the excitement with respect to placing a bet. At first glance, the table may look a bit cluttered but this is due to the variety of bets on offer. There are inside and outside bests to take your fancy if you are looking to win the most money from a bet, you should be looking towards the inside of the roulette table to make your bet.

Straight Bets

It takes a lot of courage or bravado to place a straight bet in roulette and expect it to pay off. There are 37 spaces where the roulette ball can end up on in the roulette wheel, the 0 and the numbers 1 through to 26 and of course, if you are playing on the American roulette wheel, there will be 38 spaces. This means a player has to accept that they have a slim chance of deciding correctly which number the ball will stop at. However, the financial incentive for doing so can prove very attractive and there will always be players willing to take a long punt in the hope of winning big. Every number is just as likely to come up as any other number and of course, you only have to be lucky once to make yourself a big winner with this sort of bet.

To correctly place this sort of bet at the roulette table, it is important to place the chips entirely in the middle of the big square for that number. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue for online roulette players but in an actual casino, you need to ensure your bet is properly placed. This may be difficult with so many players crowding around the table but if you want your big money bet to come off, it is important to place your chips in the correct position. Don’t hold your breath when placing this bet but if it pays off, what a celebration you could be having!

Split Bets

If you think that a straight bet is asking too much but you fancy the idea of having a bet on a small selection of numbers, a split bet may be more to your taste and style. As the name would suggest, this bet is made on two numbers that are adjacent to each other on the roulette table, hence you are splitting your bet across numbers. An example of this would be placing your chips exactly on the line between two numbers and a split bet can be placed on a horizontal or vertical line.

A player may opt to place a bet on the vertical line between numbers with the 14 and 17 being an example or they may decide to place a bet between the horizontal line between numbers say the 8 and the 9.

Street Bets

If you think placing a bet on one or two numbers is still too much of risk at the roulette table, how about placing a bet on three numbers? There is a continual trade-off to make at the roulette table with an increasing chance of victory being met with smaller odds. Then again, it is not as if this situation is limited to the roulette table, it is one of the cornerstones of gambling. If you are looking to place your bet across three numbers, a street bet is likely to be one that is of interest and benefit to you.

The street bet takes place on a single horizontal line and the players chips should be placed on the edge of the line at the number that is located on the end of the line. Depending on the layout of the table, this may be situated at the left or the right of the table layout.

If you are looking for more betting options of this ilk, a double street bet takes place on two adjoining streets (therefore two horizontal lines) with the player placing their chips on the intersection between the two streets that they are interested in.

Square Bets

Being square is occasionally deemed to be an insult but if you are at the roulette table, being square can give you a great chance of winning. As the name would suggest, placing a square bet involves placing a bet on four numbers which can be found in a square shape on the roulette table. An example of this would be 11 – 12 – 14 and 15. To make the square bet, the chips should be placed on the horizontal and vertical crossover of the line that touches all four numbers.

Five Number Bets

The five number bet is available if you are playing on an American roulette wheel and it will cover the first five numbers available on the roulette table. This means that your bet will be placed on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 and the chips should be placed at the line which runs between 0 and 00 and the 1, 2 and 3 selections. This is the only five number bet that can be found at the roulette table and again, is popular amongst players, especially those who believe there is a strong chance of the ball landing on the 0 or the 00.

Outside Bets

The outside bets at the roulette table provide much smaller pay-outs to the players but they do carry much better odds of winning. Again, players who are looking to win and enjoy a simple bet will find a lot to enjoy at the outside of the roulette table but there are a great number of bets to choose from.

The 1 to 18 bet provides players with a win if the ball lands on any of the first 18 numbers involved in the game. Alternatively, a 19 to 36 bet sees the player winning if a bet placed on the latter 18 numbers coming up. These bets are extremely simple to make and involve the player placing their chips on the relevant squares at the outside of the roulette table.

Next up is the red or black roulette bet, which is probably the most common form of bet that players will place at the roulette table. This is the bet for serious gamblers and novices alike and anyone can be a winner. There is obviously a great deal of fortune involved with winning at the roulette table and the red or black bet is a perfect example of this. To make the bet, the player will simply place their chips on the colour of their choice.

Even or odd is another very simple bet to place and is very comparable with the red or black style bet. This bet encompasses all of the non-zero numbers on the roulette wheel and again, the bet is made by simply placing chips on the correct square.

It is possible for players to make a number of dozen bets at the roulette table as well. Bets can be placed on 1-12, 13-24 and even 25-36 by placing chips at the correct space of the table relating to these numbers. Similarly, a bet can be placed on any of the 3 vertical lines that can be found on the table. An example of this would be the column bet, which sees all number on the 1 -4 – 7 – 10 etc line being placed on the table.

More than enough bets to choose from with roulette

As you can see, there are plenty of betting opportunities at the roulette table and certainly a lot more than most people believe. It is easy to see why the red or black bet is the one that people commonly associate with the roulette wheel. It is also fair to say that this bet can be an extremely exciting one, which is something that is important to have when playing in a casino. However, there is a lot more to be said about roulette bets than merely choosing between red or black and hopefully the full array of inside and outside bets will give players what they are looking for.

From red or black to the straight bet, there are more than enough betting opportunities and no matter your budget, background or level of experience, the roulette table is bound to carry something of value or merit to any keen gambler.